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What it’s all about

Age of Empires II World Series aims to create a truly competitive scene with captivating matches, attractive prizes, and a chance for new players to establish themselves. It comprises three sets of events:

  • Pro Series
  • Challenger Series
  • Team Series

Each series features six regular events per season and one season final with a massive amount of total prize money up for grabs.

Who can play?

Except for the Pro Series, all events are open to all players. Check this page for details.

Who can cast?

Casting of the Age of Empires II World Series is free for all who follow the event guidelines.


The Age of Empires II World Series are entirely funded by sponsors and donations. If you want to support the Series, check this page.

Show me the money!

Never before in the history of Age of Empires II DE, has so much money been available to so many players. Whether you are a Pro or a Challenger, there is a good and fair chance for you to turn your passion for AoE2 into money. How much, you ask? Check it out.

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