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Yes, I am a nerd – especially when it comes to data and visualizing it. I am also interested in learning more about my performance – or lack thereof – when playing Age of Empires II.

So I started putting together a few numbers and charts, resulting in an interactive report. This is a work in progress. I am aware that there is too much information on each page, and I will address this in future versions. But I thought I would share the current state anyway, hoping you might have some inputs/feedback for me.

Some quick notes because I understand that this might seem overwhelming and not immediately intuitive:

  • All the elements are interacting with each other. So, if you click on a column like ‘Hard’ in the visual for ‘Games by Difficulty’, the other charts will be filtered to show only results for games played on this difficulty.
  • You can use the filters for ‘Opponent’ and ‘Ranked’ to show only data for games played against AI or Humans and – of course – only ranked or unranked. By default, the data for all games is used for the charts.
  • The left-hand navigation lets you show charts and numbers focused on the chosen topic.
    • Me: stats about my games versus AI and Humans
    • Ladder: data about the top 1000 players including win/loss statistics, streaks, location.
    • Hovering over an element will provide a tooltip with further information
    • On charts with a timeline, you can usually drill up/down and see the data by year, quarter, or month

Use the little double-arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the embedded report to get a full-screen view.

I will be grateful for any constructive feedback you might have.

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