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AOE2 Enthusiast | Eternal Noob | DataViz Nerd

I will create and organize a world series for professional and amateur AoE2 players, uniting the reach of existing casters and players.

This will accelerate the community’s steady growth and benefit all stakeholders including players, casters, viewers, and – of course – sponsors.

I am looking for sponsors, willing to grow with us.

A universally accepted and appreciated series of events for professionals and challengers depends on

  • Funding
  • Organization
  • Participation

I am working to bring these three together.

I want to

  1. be a driving and beneficial force for all parts of the AoE2 community,
  2. create a thriving community for AoE2 players of all levels, allowing them to grow, evolve, and compete,
  3. provide diverse, entertaining, and competitive matches for all audiences online and at live events.